Basic Information
Max. Participants
One instructor for each element
  1. To raise the self-awareness of the participants
  2. To introduce the six basic elements – body, sound, space, technology, sign and structure
  3. To explore the limitation and possibility of oneself, as well as the six elements
  1. Aware of one’s body, how it moves and make sounds
  2. Can briefly account for the six creative elements
  3. Able to explore further the six creative elements introduced in the course
3 days, each around 6 hours (not including the 80 min lunch break)
Venue Requirement
Rehearsal Studio/Dance Studio (around 200m2) with projector and PA system; white board or surface for writing which is not less than 1m(H) x 2m(W)
Participants’ Outfit
Loose and comfortable plain tops and trousers, something for keeping warm
Module Content