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Creative Playground

The “Learning Programme for Youth Theatre” in “Creative Playground – Danny Yung Experimental Theatre” is an elementary programme on the basics of experimental theatre. The programme is specially designed for local young people aged 16-25, using the creative concept of Danny Yung, the pioneer of Chinese experimental arts, as a blueprint, with the aim of training local artistic talents. After interviews and auditions, trainees of Creative Playground will participate in “Creative Lectures” and a series of courses on the basic skills of creativity, including lessons on the body, sounds, space, technology, symbols and structure. They will learn to get to know themselves, theatre and cultural exchange through:

  1. dialogues to learn about theatre performance and creation in “Creative Education Forums”;
  2. the “Nanjing Study Tour” and “Toki Arts Week”, a creative exchange programme on Asian traditional performing arts; and
  3. having dialogues among different artists, professionals and scholars from various disciplines like theatre, arts, the creative industry and education.

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