Creative Playground 進念‧二十面體 Team 聯絡我們

ZUNI is a colour between blue and green. In Western New Mexico, Zuni is the name of a tribe of North American Indians who is famous for creative handicrafts. ICOSAHEDRON is a solid figure having twenty faces bearing a strong contagious character.

Founded in 1982, is a Hong Kong-based international experimental theatre company and a non-profit charitable, cultural organisation. Zuni is one of the nine major professional performing arts companies in Hong Kong and has made venue partner with the Hong Kong Cultural Centre since 2009.

As a premier experimental theatre company, Zuni has produced more than 200 original productions of alternative theatre and multimedia performances and been invited to more than 60 cities around the globe for cultural exchange and performances.

With the support of our members, and under the leadership of Co-Artistic Directors, Danny Yung and Mathias Woo, Zuni has been active in the video, sound experimentation and installation arts, as well as in the area of arts education, art criticism, cultural policy research and international cultural exchange. Recently, Zuni has also been undertaking the mission of preserving and developing Intangible Cultural Heritage (Performing Arts).

With “Reinterpret Classics”, “Reinvent Tradition”, “Recreate Theatre and Media Technology” and “Reconnect Theatre with Social Movement” as our major artistic directions, Zuni has been most inspiring in developing the aesthetics of theatre in Chinese society, with its experimental and subversive nature.

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